Develop native cross-platform apps for iOS, Android, WinCE/WM, Windows Phone
using web technologies and code on Ruby or JavaScript.

Use RhoMobile Suite

RhoMobile Suite is an open-source solution for creating data-centric, cross-platform, native mobile consumer and enterprise applications.
As technology partner of Zebra, Tau Technologies Inc. now supports and develops RhoMobile Suite.
  • Create cross-platform applications for modern mobile platforms ( iOS, Android, Windows Phone ) and for specialized enterprise devices on Windows CE/Mobile
  • Reduce costs and development time of mobile applications up to 3 times!
  • Use code of web applications to develop native cross-platform applications
  • Easily attach mobile devices to enterprise backend using RhoConnect

RMS components

  • Free open-source solution for development of cross-platform native mobile applications using web-technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Ruby
  • iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 10, Windows CE/Mobile are supported
  • Eclipse-based IDE for Rhomobile apps development
  • RhoConnect is a middleware for data synchronization between mobile application and enterprise backend
  • Include Server-side Solution and Client-side component
Tau Extensions
  • Additional set of platform extensions provided by Tau


The Rhodes framework is a platform for building locally executing, device-optimized mobile applications for all major smartphone devices.
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Rhodes advantages

Open source
RhoMobile Suite is open source so feel free to create the perfect solution that fits the best
RhoMobile Suite supports all modern mobile devices based on iOS, Android and Windows Phone
Use a fully dynamic open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity
Allows developers to build mobile apps using cutting-edge web technologies
Build your systems with Microsoft Windows Embedded to maximize profit, efficiency and customer satisfaction
We also support Microsoft Windows and MacOS X desktop platforms


RhoStudio is an Eclipse installation that facilitates development of native smartphone applications.
It installs all Rho products, such as Rhodes and RhoConnect. It provides an integrated development environment (IDE) for Rhodes and RhoConnect development.
Use RhoStudio to:
  • Generate Rhodes application(s)
  • Generate RhoConnect applications
  • Build, run, and debug your application in the RhoSimulator
  • Build and run your Rhodes application on iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, simulators and devices


RhoConnect is the first of a new category of “mobile app integration” servers. Using RhoConnect drastically simplifies the development of connectivity to an enterprise backend app.
The RhoConnect server and built-in RhoConnect client in the smartphone app perform all the work to get data down to the device.
  • Easy mobile application data synchronization with backend
  • Eliminates 50 to 80 percent of the development effort in enterprise smartphone apps: performing the backend application integration
  • Allows to work offline and sync later

Tau Extensions

Additional set of platform extensions provided by Tau.
It provides more capabilities compared to default set of components.
  • Crosswalk web engine for Android
  • WebKit engine for WM/CE
  • Advanced openSSL support
  • Advanced enterprise barcode scanning capabilities
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