Advanced webkit-based
environment for running of modern lightweight web applications with full access to consumer and enterprise devices capabilities.



RhoBrowser is a powerful, next generation industrial browser that enables developers to build feature-rich web applications even for legacy enterprise devices!
RhoBrowser’s feature-rich mobile application development tool allows users to seamlessly integrate the browser into the native peripherals of a device, while enabling barcode scanning, bluetooth printing, signature capture and much more.
What’s more important – we are ready to customize RhoBrowser for the needs of your business!

RhoBrowser Advantages

  • iOS, Android, WM, WinCE support
Barcode scanners
  • Barcode recognizing on consumer devices use camera
  • Hardware barcode scanner
  • RFID scanners
  • Printers
    TAU Technologies Inc. can customize RhoBrowser for requirements of your business:
  • distribute web applications to server or device
  • install/manage web applications on device
  • other features by customer request
  • Modern HTML5-CSS3-JS on legacy WM/CE devices
  • Use lots of JS/CSS frameworks to create your web applications
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