We are the Tau team — creators of RhoMobile framework reunited to provide quality mobile solutions for business and developers. As Zebra’s technology partner we are committed to improving and providing future releases for RhoMobile Suite. We provide wide area of services including RhoMobile platform support, development and consulting.

History of RhoMobile

RhoMobile story dates back to 2008, when Adam Blum founded a startup to create a great cross-platform mobile applications toolkit, based on Ruby language and Ruby on Rails framework ideology.

Product success lead to acquisition of RhoMobile by Motorola Solutions in 2011. Under the wing of a large corporation platform have got set of enterprise features, like bluetooth printing, enterprise barcode scanning, support of WindowsCE-based mobile devices ( making it unique on the market ). In conjunction with RhoConnect integration solution platform was appreciated by Fortune market leaders, like Coca-Cola, Home Depot, CBRE Group and many others.

Later development of the platform introduced the Common API interface which brought great flexibility for developers, giving them choice to use most fitting technology for their applications - Ruby or JavaScript based.

RhoMobile was acquired by Zebra Technologies in 2014.


Time of Tau Technologies Inc.

Since 2015 core team of RhoMobile developers is independently united as Tau Technologies Inc., also having Adam Blum on its board. In partnership with Zebra, Tau Technologies Inc. continues to deliver enterprise-grade cross-platform mobile toolkit bringing new features to the RhoMobile, like Node.js ( right on mobile unit! ), IoT platforms support, and developing this open source platform further.

Moreover, using its years-gained experience in enterprise mobility area, Tau Technologies Inc. now provides a wide range of software development and consulting services.

Although the RhoMobile and its team has a long history, there are things that has not changed through the years - the quality of our products and our passion!

Alexander Epifanov
CEO. Mobile and embedded expert and manager. Core RhoMobile developer.
Adam Blum
Board member. Senior technologist, entrepreneur and advisor. Creator of RhoMobile.
Vladimir Tarasov
Board member, advisor. Software engineering expert cofounder of several successful startups including RhoMobile.
Dmitry Soldatenkov
CTO. Software development expert. Skilled manager. Core RhoMobile developer.
Konstantin Rybas
Manager and mobile expert. Has rich experience of work for industry leaders. RhoMobile core developer.
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