Ruby based application demonstrate using of Rhodes API from ruby code. [Sources on GitHub]


Javascript based application demonstrate using of Rhodes API from javascript code in WebView. [Sources on GitHub]

inventory Demo

Complex example - simple ruby based application with data synchronization via Rhoconnect.
Application show some feature - capture image from Camera, capture signature, barcode recognizing, work with DB model, synchronization of mobile data with remote server via Rhoconnect technology.
Rhoconnect server and backend application already deployed on Heroku - you can just build mobile application with defined URLs and test it with our backend.
Example contain 3 parts:
  1. mobile application [Sources on GitHub]
  2. Rhoconnect server application [Sources on GitHub]
  3. Backend with DB rest API (used by Rhoconnect server app) [Sources on GitHub]


Legacy Ruby based application with examples of using Rhodes API, include ruby-only APIs. [Sources on GitHub]


Very simple Javascript Node.js based application. [Sources on GitHub]


Complex node.js javascript application - demonstration of modern node.js modules and frontend css/javascript solutions for making of modern mobile application. [Sources on GitHub]
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